My Story

Robins studio adventure started in 2016 at AMWD – Art Academy under the guidance of Staf Verbeeck.
In 2017 he wanted to expand his knowledge and started the Sound Education in Utrecht,
where he graduated cum laude. His first practical mastering steps happened in 2018,
when MTZ Noir Records was looking for a new sound engineer.
Since Robin was new in this world,
he searched for a teacher in the art of mastering and found him in Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea Mastering.
Gert shared his vision and learned Robin how to polish a mix into a clean,
sparkling but powerful piece of art where details are crucial.
By now, Robin is the regular mastering engineer for Falsive Records,
and masters the tracks of many respected labels and artists on a regular basis.

Studio operation



For that final touch
While staying close to your mix, Robin will bring out the details in your music.
He will make sure the sound is clean, yet powerful,
ready for distribution for all platforms at the desired loudness.

Extras: creating ISRC codes, CD text, delivery in DDP format.


For distinctive productions with perfectly combined sounds and instruments
It’s not always simple to create unity between the elements and to make your music stand out.
Robin can help you with this.
Thanks to his eye for detail and experience in different styles of electronic music as well as metal and rock,
a solid and pure unity between the elements is guaranteed.



Every project is unique.
That’s why Robin always plans a personal meeting to discuss the specificities of your project and your expectations.
Contact Robin to schedule an appointment.







Main speakers: PSI A25M
Secondary speakers: Focal Alpha 80 + Adam audio t10s subwoofer

Audio interface: Focusrite 18i20 3th gen

DAW: Ableton live 10 & 11, Reaper, Pro Tools

Fabfilter bundle
Plugin Alliance mix and master bundle
Slate Digital bundle
Tokyo dawn labs bundle
Izotope rx7 standard
Izotope Insight 2
Sir audio tools standard clip

Desk: Sterling Modular Plan A

Pc: Vmusic custom DAWDESK TRX40

PSI speakers: M2M
Speakerstands(custom): Laswerken Engelen, 2Polished
Desk: Studio Furniture
PC: Vmusic Pro
Acoustics: Sound Studio Steen